Happy to Talk Flexible Working.

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Flexible recruitment is being upfront about the fact that you are open to flexible working for the jobs you are advertising. Use flexibility to your advantage as an employer and get ahead of the curve by tapping into the huge demand that exits of flexible working.

‘Happy to Talk Flexible Working’ is a simple yet highly effective logo and strapline which a growing number of employers are using when recruiting.

The first ever Flexible Jobs Index for Scotland shows that only 1 in 8 jobs are advertised as flexible but more than a third of jobless Scots are looking for flexible work.

65% of employers report flexible, ‘family friendly’ working has a positive effect on recruitment and retention (Flexible Working Taskforce), so use it to your advantage as a key recruitment and retention tool.

  • 54% of the workforce currently work flexibly. There are another 8.7 million people in the UK who don’t currently work flexibly, but would like to if the jobs were there. Could this be the talent you need for your business?
  • 92% of the millennial generation, identify flexibility as a top priority when job hunting. Are you looking to create a more diverse workforce with new ideas and energy?
  • Only 11.9% of jobs in Scotland mention flexibility at the point of hire* Stand out from your competition and advertise as offering flexibility at the point of hire.

There is a real opportunity for employers to attract key talent by offering flexibility up front. Our video shows employers who benefit from using Happy to Talk Flexible Working logo and employees who say how much happier and productive they are as a result of working flexibly.

Employers currently using the ‘Happy to Talk Flexible Working’ logo when recruiting, include: Lloyds Banking Group, Scottish Government, SEPA, Pursuit Marketing, Starcatchers, West Dunbartonshire Council, Maclay Murray and Spens and Scottish Canals. Using the logo gives a clear visual cue to potential candidates that you are open to having a conversation about flexibility. Flexibility needs to work for both your organisation and the individual and ‘Happy to Talk Flexible Working’ will help you attract the best talent and start those conversations.

*This is quality jobs paying over £20K FTE.

Stats from the Timewise Flexible Jobs Index UK and the Timewise Flexible Jobs Index Scotland