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Working from home? Here are some tips

Working from home, or remote working, is one of the most common forms of flexible working, but also a divisive one: some people love it, others aren’t comfortable with it. Here are some tips to work well, and productively, away from the office!

Schedule your day

Create a structured routine, which will help your mind and body adapt to a new working environment. Schedule everything according to your routine: lunch, a 15 minute walk around the block, or short breaks.

Stay connected

One of the main disadvantages of working from home is not being able to connect with your colleagues; but remote working doesn’t have to mean isolation! Give your team, move your conference calls to the days you’re working from home- or step out for a coffee and chat the barista!

Step toward the light

Work where you feel most energized. Typically this will be in the room with the most natural light and the nicest view. Some spots feel stagnant, and you want to be in a space that gives you positive energy and flow. Working in a room with a lot of natural light will also give your eyes some well-deserved rest from starting at your computer all day!

Remember what you’re here for

Many people work from home because of childcare needs, and it can be really hard to separate your working time from kid time! Remember to take some time for yourself; if you can, work in a separate room, or in a home office.

Just a little discipline…

Working from home can be wonderful. Not having to commute adds time to your day. And if you're lucky enough to have flexible hours, things get even better. But to make that work, you need to be able to hold yourself accountable. That means setting goals, adhering to deadlines, and making sure that flexibility does not become irresponsibility.

… And a little self-care

I don’t know about you, but sometimes my discipline goes a bit too far: I get sucked in and suddenly it’s been hours since I’ve eaten, taken a break or talked to a human! Remember to take regular breaks and treat yourself kindly. Happy remote working!

by Anna Viceconti

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