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UK workers want more flexible working options

The Future of Work report, commissioned by Airbnb, has revealed that the modern trend of remote and flexible working is set to continue; and companies embracing this change stand to get the best talent hires.

This is the first report of its kind from Airbnb. It reveals that workers in the UK are demanding more flexibility than ever: 77 percent of respondents – and 84 percent of Millennials – agree that companies need to provide more remote options to attract talent.

However, at the same time, almost two thirds of workers in the UK say they are not currently able to choose a flexible work schedule, while three quarters still have no option of working remotely.

This desire for flexible working options can also be seen across the globe, as 73 percent of those surveyed worldwide stated that having a flexible work schedule is important and 75 percent agreed that a centralised office is no longer required for quality work. Although global employers need to be doing more, they are ahead of the UK; 41 percent of workers are being offered a flexible work schedule worldwide and 31 percent are able to work remotely (versus 35 percent and 26 percent in the UK respectively).

Employers seem slow to recognize the support technology can give, while employees are becoming more confident in their abilities to do their job from anywhere, with one in ten now preferring to work outside the traditional office altogether. Modern technological developments are cited as a reason for this; 73 percent agree that quality work is not restricted to the confines of a centralised office location.

In addition to flexible hours and scope to work remotely, other benefits that ranked highly included parental, commuter and wellness benefits alongside initiatives to further individual growth and development.

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by Anna Viceconti

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