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Majority of global employees work remotely half the week

A major report from the International Workplace Group has revealed that 53% of global employees work somewhere other than the office at least half the week; and two thirds work remotely at least once a week.

The report, which polled 18000 workers from 96 countries, is one of the strongest and most extensive pieces of evidence of a major cultural shift in the way we work, move and use technology. IWG indicates that major changes in transportation and technology, as well as the shift to a fully globalized economy, have enabled this disruption.

The report also found that flexible working practices are now becoming popular across wildly different fields and company sizes. While a few years start-ups where the main business model providing flexible working, IWG found that large (and wildly different) companies such as Mastercard, Diesel, Etihad Airways, and Uber all have flexible working policies.

The research explored different reasons why all these businesses are adopting flexible work policies. The answers echoed previous research on the benefits of flexibility: higher employee engagement and retention, higher productivity across all fields, and significant savings on the leasing and maintenance of working spaces.

According to Mark Dixon, CEO of IWG, flexible working is not just a trend, but a true culture shift that will leave a mark in the near future: “one day soon, flexible working could simply be known as 'working'. We are reaching the tipping point."

Read more on the report here, or download the full document on the IWG website.


by Anna Viceconti

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