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Could flexible working be the key to retaining highly skilled talent?

Speakers at #Flexibleworking: The Big Conversations with claimed that flexible working could be the key to retaining talent. With massive shortage skills in the UK in certain fields, employers are now competing to become “employers of choice”.

For some highly skilled roles, there’s talk of a real talent war. This means that a lot of candidates choose employers not only based on salary and work, but on company culture as well as extra benefits.

Flexible working, speakers claimed, is a massive pull in this; and lack of flexible working arrangements, conversely, could push highly skilled employees to look for another job.

As one of the speakers noted, employers might be missing out on talent by focusing on a narrower and less diverse pool of candidates. “People are out there to be employed but we are not shaping our roles for those people,” she said, noting that there were thousands of women not working due to their parenting commitments.

The cost of hiring is one of the biggest expenses for employers; one of speakers estimated that it was around a thousand pounds per candidate. With such a big expense that could have huge impacts on their activities, it is key that organisations retain the best and most committed talent.

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