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Working from home? Here are some tips

Working from home, or remote working, is one of the most common forms of flexible working, but also a divisive one: some people love it, others aren’t comfortable with it. Here are some tips to work well, and productively, away from the office!

Getting kids ready for school is like working an extra day

A new study shows just how many extra hours people put in attempting to finish chores and getting children ready for school before the 9-5 begins.

My ‘maternity job-share partner’ (in crime)

PART OF: The Big Three (& under)

Work Life Week- The end of 9 to 5

Scottish workers want flexible alternatives to traditional work day

1-5 October: National Work Life week!

The week of 1-5 October will be National Work Life Week- a national campaign to raise awareness on the issues surrounding work life balance. Work Life Week is an annual initiative from our parent charity, Working Families.

The Big Three: maternity leave adventures

On the 30th May, our twin boys Brodie and Alexander arrived. Five days earlier than planned, my waters broke en route to the nursery pick up for the big one, Alfie, aged 2 ¾. Are you staying for the nursery fundraiser?’, the teacher asked not realising what was going on. ‘Eh, not today sorry’, I say, ‘I’m off to the hospital, but here’s a fiver for the donation box’.

Millennials: the meteor that killed 9 to 5

On more than one front Millennials are becoming a driving force for change in our society, and the tech-driven group is leaving no stone unturned. Currently, Millennials have set their sights on the 9 to 5 work day.

How technology will revolutionize the workplace

Cut to 60 years ago, computers were clunky and barely functional. Phones required direct lines in order call out. Instant coffee hadn’t been invented yet. Workplaces required all their employees to be physically at their desks since that was the only way they could access the company files.

Work life balance: three tips for parents

Nowadays, parents don’t have choose either their careers or their children; but seeking to balance the two roles requires circus levels of expertise.

Changing recruitment or policies- what comes first?

Improving flexible working policies is a necessary step to ensure gender equality and greater diversity in the workplace- but what if recruitment is really the overlooked tool to bring more women in the workplace?

Millennial Movement

Work patterns are going through some serious changes in the twenty-first century. While traditionally employees of any age or level would be contracted a fixed nine to five working day, a new generation in the workforce has been demanding something different.

Majority of global employees work remotely half the week

A major report from the International Workplace Group has revealed that 53% of global employees work somewhere other than the office at least half the week; and two thirds work remotely at least once a week.

The Man-ifesto of Flexible Working

As a millennial, flexible working is becoming an increasingly hot topic for me. As a man however, I notice there is a stigma around men taking paternity leave or other flexible arrangements.

Flexible working, creative minds: Whitespace

A creative agency working across media and brands, Whitespace isn’t new to the game. In fact, they’ve been around since 1997, and have been nominated as Best Scottish Design agency three times.

Could flexible working be the key to retaining highly skilled talent?

Speakers at #Flexibleworking: The Big Conversations with claimed that flexible working could be the key to retaining talent. With massive shortage skills in the UK in certain fields, employers are now competing to become “employers of choice”.

Can flexible working help close the disability pay gap?

The disclosure of gender pay gap data this April provided a much needed and refreshing perspective on how gender affects our work culture and the UK economy.

Flexible work must be a ‘day one right’ for carers, says government committee

A recent report from the House of Commons Work and Pensions Committee has highlighted the key importance of flexible working for carers. The Committee remarked that while the Government has been pushing for wider acceptance of flexible work, “the rules are at odds with its rhethoric”.

Small change, big impact: Kilpatrick Blane Services

When Sarah Usher, Process and Business Development Manager at Kilpatrick Blane Services, attended our Dentons event in February 2018, she had a certain idea of what flexible working meant.

Freelance HR Associate Role

Our small but ambitious charity has secured funding to embark on an exciting new project which will build on our current work with employers to develop a more flexible, family friendly approach to working, which benefits people, business and the Scottish economy.

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