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Can flexible working help close the disability pay gap?

The disclosure of gender pay gap data this April provided a much needed and refreshing perspective on how gender affects our work culture and the UK economy.

Flexible work must be a ‘day one right’ for carers, says government committee

A recent report from the House of Commons Work and Pensions Committee has highlighted the key importance of flexible working for carers. The Committee remarked that while the Government has been pushing for wider acceptance of flexible work, “the rules are at odds with its rhethoric”.

Small change, big impact: Kilpatrick Blane Services

When Sarah Usher, Process and Business Development Manager at Kilpatrick Blane Services, attended our Dentons event in February 2018, she had a certain idea of what flexible working meant.

Freelance HR Associate Role

Our small but ambitious charity has secured funding to embark on an exciting new project which will build on our current work with employers to develop a more flexible, family friendly approach to working, which benefits people, business and the Scottish economy.

The CEO of Amazon hates the term "work life balance". What do you think?

Jeff Bezos, CEO of one of the fastest-working companies in the world, has little time for “work life balance”. The phrase, he argues, implies a strict trade-off between work and the rest; but he claims we should be aiming at a more holistic relationship between home life and work life.

"They gave me a chance": Julia Seymour, YES

It’s funny being asked to write something for Family Friendly Working Scotland. My family have now left home, and family life now mostly consists of a dog and cat.

Top Tips for a more productive work day

As a knowledge worker, I am used to bouncing from one task to another, from distractions jumping in through my inbox, or a small interruption as I walk through office, to a barrage of messages on the company’s always-on Slack. Below are some of the best pieces of advice I have found, many of which are now staples of my working practice.

Gender pay gap: lack of flexible working is holding women back

Companies with 250 or more employees rushed to publish their gender pay gap data on April 5, and a clear conclusion emerged: the lack of flexible working options is holding women (and men) back.

The myth of multitasking

As a knowledge worker, I am used to bouncing from one task to another, from distractions jumping in through my inbox, or a small interruption as I walk through office, to a barrage of messages on the company’s always-on Slack. However I realised that if I wanted to do my best work, I would have to rethink my use of my own, and my team’s time. This is where my interest in productivity and effective work really started. And here’s the thing: multitasking doesn’t work. Recent estimates say that you can lose up to 40% of your productivity if you multitask.

Scottish Top Employers for Working Families revealed

The best Scottish employers for flexible and family friendly working cultures have been announced (on 22/3/18) by Scotland’s leading work-life balance organisation, Family Friendly Working Scotland.The Scottish Top Employers for Working Families Awards 2018 celebrate progressive employers that support staff to happily combine home and work life - and harness the business benefits this brings.

"It's knowing you can be there for your kids": Brian Hills

Brian Hills is Head of Data at The Data Lab, leading the technical side of the organisation as well as their skills & education portfolio. It’s a job that requires time and responsibility, yet Brian works compressed hours: he’s out by lunch time on Fridays, and utilises the flexible working options offered to all staff including working from home and adaptable start and finish times.

"Not just for parents": why flexible working is essential for everyone

For Ann Cowan, flexibility is a constant feature of her work as Operations Manager at Independent Living Fund Scotland. “Flexibility is part of our core values”, she says. “It has been a set policy of the organisation since its outset”. Ann works full time, Monday till Friday and 9 till 5. But she always has the option to come in late, leave early, and take a day off any time for family needs; and that’s what really makes a difference.

Modern Families Index: UK parents are working to burnout

The lights are on and a one eyed paper reindeer is looking at me.

Work that works for everyone

DWF Employment Lawyer Jennifer Wright on the biggest worries employers have when establishing flexible work, and how they can overcome them.

Bright Lights- 2018 Awards Ceremony

Now in their fourth year, the awards celebrate progressive organisations in Scotland that recognise the benefits of family friendly and flexible working. The 2018 award winners will be announced at the ‘Bright Lights’ event on 22 March in front of an audience of leading business leaders. You can see the official shortlist here.

Fair Jobs for Dads!

Fathers Network Scotland today backed calls for a complete overhaul of employment law and a well-paid three-month period of “daddy leave” following the publication of a major UK study into fatherhood.

How can flexible work change your life?

A couple of years ago before my wife Sarah went back to work after maternity leave, we started to look at what our options for childcare were. We had young children and where we live in Edinburgh there is a lack of childcare services. We were both going to be working full time so the most realistic option for us was to try an Au Pair.

All shades of green

It’s winter, and germs and bugs are all over the place. Last week I was reminded, in the most sleep-deprived of ways, the amazing job that parents do looking after sick children. And how important having an understanding, flexible employer makes to making life (and work), that little bit easier.

National Work Life Week, October 2-6

The week was an opportunity for both employers and employees to focus on well-being at work and work-life balance.

Quality of life better with flexible work, say 9 out of 10 Scots in new poll

2-6 October 2017 is National Work Life Week!