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Top Employer Awards 2020 - Your programme is here!

We're looking forward to bringing you our first online Top Employer Awards this Thursday 26th March. We'll be kicking off over on Twitter at 12pm.

TOP EMPLOYER AWARDS 2020 Covid-19 Update

top employer logoGiven the advice from both UK and Scottish Governments, the Family Friendly Working Scotland Top Employer Awards will now take place virtually from 1pm on Thursday 26 March 2020. Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of those we work with is our top priority, while we still want to deliver fun filled afternoon, celebrating Scotland’s best flexible employers. The team here are working hard to re-create the awards event virtually via social media, with all the excitement of the ‘big reveal’ live, one category at a time, along with lots of other great content.

Guest Blog!

This week, Han Son Lee of DaddiLife tells us why Dads could reap the benefits from a flexible work-life too:

FlexibleWorkFest 2020: What a day!

Last week we brought together around 120 business leaders across the country who are working and thinking flexibly. Like all FFWS events, we like to switch things up and provide an atmosphere where fun happens, connections are made and innovation can flourish. FlexibleWorkFest was no different and the super-cool Whitespace in Edinburgh was given the Family Friendly Working Scotland treatment to bring our vision to life!

Job moves on hold for Scottish parents over lack of flexible working employers urged to include flexibility in job adverts

Hundreds of thousands of working parents in Scotland say a job move is off the cards because they won’t be able to replicate the flexibility they have with their current employer, according to a new report.

Our YouGov Survey Results are clear - Flexible Working WORKS

Last month we conducted research via YouGov which uncovered some fascinating statistics from Scottish Business Leaders: Almost nine in ten (87%) leaders surveyed who offer flexible working say it has had a positive impact on their business. More than 250 Scottish senior business decision makers demonstrate clear business benefits from offering flexibility - putting paid to the myth that flexible working is only a ‘favour’ to help employees in special circumstances.

September 'new start' helping you gain a better work life balance

By Nikki Slowey, Co-Director at Family Friendly Working Scotland

September has a universal ‘new start’ feel about it. A new term is already underway for millions of school pupils. But this time of year can inspire new beginnings for parents too when it comes to making changes at work, home or the way we balance the two.

A new guide for business to help them support mothers return to work

We were delighted to see this lovely user friendly guide for employers to help them better support women on the maternity journey. It makes so much business sense to support mothers make a smooth transition back to work following the birth of their baby. Take a look

My maternity leave adventures: remember the little things

At Family Friendly Working Scotland, we often talk to employers about how little things can make a big difference to people’s lives: small adjustments to working patterns, having open conversations, leaving work a little early here, starting later there. All these things can help people have a better balance between work and home life which has a ripple effect to improved mental health, stronger family relationships and a happier, more productive workforce.

How flexible working can help our ageing workforce

According to a new study by job site RestLess, record numbers of people over the age of 70 are deciding against retirement and continue to work.

My maternity leave adventures: sharing the care

David and I met on a business course in Boston in 2013. Meeting him has changed my life, and hands down he’s the best thing that’s every happened to me.

Scotland’s most flexible employers announced

Scotland’s best employers for flexible working have been announced by leading work life balance charity, Family Friendly Working Scotland.

Trustees Required

Working Families is seeking qualified candidates to join the Board of Trustees to help working parents and carers – and their employers – find a better balance between responsibilities at home and work. The Charity has recently undergone a period of significant change and this is an exciting time to join Working Families and contribute to its future.

My maternity leave adventures: Our real life

I started writing this blog post in October. Then I got distracted. That pretty much sums up my life right now. I have become a mothering cliché.

UK workers want more flexible working options

The Future of Work report, commissioned by Airbnb, has revealed that the modern trend of remote and flexible working is set to continue; and companies embracing this change stand to get the best talent hires.

Working from home? Here are some tips

Working from home, or remote working, is one of the most common forms of flexible working, but also a divisive one: some people love it, others aren’t comfortable with it. Here are some tips to work well, and productively, away from the office!

Getting kids ready for school is like working an extra day

A new study shows just how many extra hours people put in attempting to finish chores and getting children ready for school before the 9-5 begins.

My maternity leave adventures: Maternity job-share

My maternity leave adventures (Part 2)

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