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Family friendly is working for more people

Family friendly is working for our economy

Family friendly is working for more businesses


Our mission is to create and support working culture change in Scotland that builds economic success and improves the lives of families.
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My ‘maternity job-share partner’ (in crime)My ‘maternity job-share partner’ (in crime)

I’m a big fan of the job share concept. I guess in a way it should come as no surprise that I’ve ended up with a kind of maternity leave ‘job share partner’.

Work Life Week- The end of 9 to 5

Scottish workers have signalled the end of the traditional 9am to 5pm office day by stating they want flexibility over when and where they work.

1-5 October: National Work Life week!1-5 October: National Work Life week!

It's National Work Life Week- let's talk about work.

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Advisers training event: helping parents in employment

Half day training for advisers provided by Child Poverty Action Group, Lindsays and Working Families.

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