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Family friendly is working for more businesses

Family friendly is working for our economy

Family friendly is working for more people


Our mission is to create and support working culture change in Scotland that builds economic success and improves the lives of families.
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Scottish Top Employers Awards are open!

The search is on for the country’s most flexible and family friendly employers with the launch today of the Scottish Top Employers for Working Families Awards.

Scottish flexible workers compete for 1 in 8 skilled job, study shows

New research has examined for the first time the ratio of quality jobs advertised as open to flexible working options in Scotland.

National Work Life Week, October 2-6

National Work Life Week is an opportunity for both employers and employees to focus on well-being at work and work-life balance

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Scottish Top Employers Awards are OPEN!

The 2018 Scottish Top Employers for Working Families Awards are now open for applications.

These are the only business awards which specifically recognise employers that have created a great flexible and family friendly working culture. Are you a flexible, family friendly employer with a story to share? Find out how to apply!

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Get Flexi: Supporting Line Managers in Establishing Flexible Work

Sharing the Knowledge: Building a Family Friendly Working Culture

We have brought together some of Scotland’s leading employers for this one off half day interactive conference, which will give you the opportunity to explore the concept of good work place culture.

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