Flexible employers.

Employers in Scotland who are recruiting flexibly and reaping the benefits.

The employers below are all using and benefitting from our Happy to Talk Flexible Working recruitment logo.

It is our goal to have all jobs in Scotland advertised as flexible by default unless there is a business reason not to. This year, we aim to have 100 employers using ‘Happy to Talk Flexible Working’ logo on their recruitment adverts.

65% of employers report flexible, ‘family friendly’ working has a positive effect on recruitment and retention, so use it to your advantage as a key recruitment and retention tool. Contact us to join this growing movement of employers in Scotland recruiting flexibly.

“Using the ‘Happy to talk flexible working’ strapline in all our recruitment has exceeded our expectations. It has definitely helped to reinforce that we can offer experienced and skilled employees an attractive career that allows them to balance their work and home lives. The feedback we’ve received shows this is a real differentiator in a competitive talent market.”


“Flexibility is not just for parents but for all staff. It can work for everyone including businesses. That’s why we support the Happy to talk Flexible Working strapline calling for businesses to encourage flexibility from the job ad onwards.”