Get Flexi: Supporting Line Managers in Establishing Flexible Work.

3 October 2017, 09.00 – 13.00

Royal Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh

FACT: More workers in Scotland than ever before want to work flexibly. FACT: Increasingly both private and public sector employers are becoming more focused on delivering flexibility for workers. FACT: Legislation gives every employee the right to request flexible working.

Flexible working offers a huge opportunity to create a great working culture and generate real business gains. Yet managers tell us they need greater support and advice to ensure they get flexible working right in their teams and in their organisations. Which is why we co-designed this brilliant training session to help support line managers in a practical and fun way.

Managers in all industry sectors are experiencing an increase in flexible working requests and the number of people they manage who are working flexibly. This training session will help equip line managers with practical tools to help successfully navigate flexible working. This session is based on reality, not theory. Real people, real situations and real solutions for successfully managing flexible working.

Part of the training session will be led by InclusIQ, a provider of immersive online games on common workplace challenges which will help you address key situations around flexible working.

You will also have the opportunity to hear practical know on flexible working how from RBS.

We know that flexible working leads to:

• increased motivation

• enhanced employee engagement

• higher retention rates

• higher productivity rates

• reduced costs for office space

• diminished commuting time

Join our training and let us help you to get flexible working right in your organisation.

Register for this training session on managing flexible working for the introductory cost of only £50.