You Are Here: Navigate the challenges of flexible working.

You Are Here: Navigate the challenges of flexible working

thestudio, 67 Hope Street, Glasgow G2 6AE.
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28 March 2019, 10.00 – 13.00

thestudio, Glasgow

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The evidence is huge: flexible working is good for business. It improves employee engagement and productivity, it helps retain and recruit top talent and reduces absenteeism. We also know demand is huge, with 95% of Scots saying they value work life balance as much or more than salary.

But implementing flexible working across a business can be tricky. In fact, it might even seem impossible in some businesses or for some roles. So while flexible working is a great opportunity for your business, you might be struggling to overcome the challenges that come with it.

This event is designed to guide guests through the difficulties their company might be facing; challenge them to think about their assumptions; and help them find creative and productive solutions.

Where is your organisation on the journey towards flexible working? Are you where you want to be? Perhaps you’ve tried to introduce more flexibility in your business but struggled to make it work? Or maybe flexible working is fine for other organisations but it wouldn’t work for your business, right?

Get practical hints and tips from leading Scottish employers to be persuaded that a flexible workforce is a “no brainer” in terms of business performance.

We are not promising miracles, but we do have tons of first-hand knowledge of flexible working in practice in all sorts of business - so let us share that knowledge with you.

The event includes a Focus Group: we're gathering feedback on our services. We would like 20 guests to stay on for 1 hour (with lunch!) to meet with the team and help us understand what would be most useful to support fellow employers in Scotland. Sign up via the booking form!

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