The New Normal.

DWF Law, 110 Queen Street, Glasgow G1 3HD.
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3 October 2018, 09.00 – 13.00

DWF Law, Glasgow

Our National Work Life Week event for 2018 celebrates a revolution in the way we work: a new normal.

The new normal workplace sees workers easily integrating their home and work life. Flexibility is embedded, work life balance is valued by employers and people are measured on skills and experience they bring. Presenteeism is dead. Employers look beyond the hours someone can work and are more interested in what they bring to the business.

The new normal workplace embeds flexibility leading to greater gender equality and a more diverse workforce– helping them recruit and retain the best talent and increase innovation and productivity.

The new normal has landed - it is happening. A revolution in the way we work is expected by millennials, who place huge value on their work life balance and want flexibility. 75% of millennials workers want to work flexibility and still be on track for promotion.

Scotland is home to many progressive employers that are already designing work in a different way, creating a new normal and reaping the rewards. Regardless of where your organisation is in your journey to a new way of working, which celebrates the individual and places people at the heart of business success - join our The New Normal event on Wed 3 October.

Participate to be:

Inspired: Hear first-hand from Scotland’s most progressive employers about what they are doing now and plan to do in the future to create their ‘new normal’, and from millennial employees who are innovating work patterns. The event includes speakers from Arnold Clark, Whitespace, Project Scotland and Blue Cliff Media.

Involved: Get involved in ‘Question Time’ style discussions. Meet peers, share ideas and chat.

Interested: Hear great stories from employees in Scotland who are leading and creating their very own new normal.

This event is free to attend and open to anyone who has an interest in workplace culture change. You will receive a warm welcome, plenty of coffee and loads of inspiration.

What people have said about our events:

“I left the event inspired! I came away with some really good ideas for my own organisation to discuss”

“Thank you for organising such a wonderful event. Really enjoyed it. Keep being awesome!”

9.00 Registration

9.30 Welcome – FFWS and DWF

9.40 Dr Suzanne Doyle Morris - The Confidence Conundrum (what is it we really value?)

9.55 Michael McLaughlin, DWF- What is the New Normal for Employment Law?

10.10 How we create a new normal: Panel

Whitespace: Frances Irvine and Charlie Bell

Arnold Clark: Lynne McBurney and Graham Sloan

10.55 Break/Networking

11.15 Millennial Revolution

Introduced by expert speaker Graham Robertson of Project Scotland

Followed by panel conversation

12.15 Closing words

12.30 Lunch