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My ‘maternity job-share partner’ (in crime)

PART OF: The Big Three (& under)

Twins. Toddler. Tantrums. My maternity leave adventures.

Lisa, Vanessa ansd all the boys

by Lis Gallagher, FFWS co-Programme Director

Obviously I’m a big fan of the job share concept, co-running Family Friendly Working Scotland with the fabulous Nikki Slowey. As mums to a total of six young boys, a job share enables us to retain a senior role while balancing our busy family commitments. It also works well for the organisation, as together we are more productive, creative, energised, loyal and happy. When the partnership is right, I can’t champion the virtues of job sharing enough – both for organisations and individuals.

So I guess in a way it should come as no surprise that I’ve ended up with a kind of maternity leave ‘job share partner’ (in crime).

Work Life Week- The end of 9 to 5

Scottish workers want flexible alternatives to traditional work day

Scottish workers have signalled the end of the traditional 9am to 5pm office day by stating they want flexibility over when and where they work.

1-5 October: National Work Life week!

The week of 1-5 October will be National Work Life Week- a national campaign to raise awareness on the issues surrounding work life balance. Work Life Week is an annual initiative from our parent charity, Working Families.

The Big Three: maternity leave adventures

On the 30th May, our twin boys Brodie and Alexander arrived. Five days earlier than planned, my waters broke en route to the nursery pick up for the big one, Alfie, aged 2 ¾. Are you staying for the nursery fundraiser?’, the teacher asked not realising what was going on. ‘Eh, not today sorry’, I say, ‘I’m off to the hospital, but here’s a fiver for the donation box’.

Millennials: the meteor that killed 9 to 5

On more than one front Millennials are becoming a driving force for change in our society, and the tech-driven group is leaving no stone unturned. Currently, Millennials have set their sights on the 9 to 5 work day.

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