Alex Young.


Alex Young

Alex has previously worked as a Fair Work Policy Officer at the Scottish Government and led work on the Scottish Government’s Child Poverty Strategy and on promoting Scottish Higher Education overseas.

Outside of work Alex is on the Parent Council of his sons’ school, volunteers with the Woodcraft Folk and organises and play for Scotland’s national Australian Rules Football team – the Clansmen.

How did you become interested in the area of family friendly working?

Initially through my own circumstances, having spent seven years as a working parent working condensed hours and part-time. Then through the work I led on tackling child poverty and more recently Fair Work. Through both of which, I have been able to promote the benefits of flexible working for families, household incomes, career development and business productivity. As well as for children’s future prospects and wider benefits in local communities.

How does family friendly working and flexibility benefit employers?

I believe it enables employees to work more effectively at times that suit them. So it is likely to attract a wider range of people, helping employers recruit and retain staff. I think it can also promote a more diverse workforce, potentially addressing issues such as gender balance, and helping the organisation relate to a wider range of people. And all of that could help increase productivity.

What does good work-life balance look like?

Happiness! Enjoyment and challenge at work and at home. Being able to achieve the things you want to achieve whilst also supporting your family to do the same. And spending time together doing the things you enjoy. Ideally doing the things that make you and others most happy.

What three words best describe you?

Committed, happy, busy!