Andrew Watson.

Managing Director, Quorum Network Resources Ltd

A relentlessly career driven, business school Graduate and University educated Entrepreneur are all things I am not.

I spent most of my early life playing guitar and singing for a living in Europe and Scotland. Eventually, I had to get a proper job…I didn’t properly start my career until I was 25. With a lot of work and sacrifice, I managed to gain some qualifications and made the transition from Sales into Training. A long-term colleague, Charles Scott and I started our own Consultancy business with the aim of being a good and interesting place to work. After years of doing transformation projects in Digital Online Banking, Managed Services for medium to large clients, and application development for Enterprise Clients, we now employ close to 100 people full time. Despite our growth, we operate under the same collaborative and flexible approach to the working environment that we have always had.

We have recently started Quorum Cyber, a separate Cyber Security company concentrating on bringing Enterprise Security to the mid-market.

How did you become interested in flexible working?

There was no particular driver, we’ve always run a company that gives people as much flexibility as we can. We try to have as much empathy with our colleagues as the business can stand. It has helped us maintain excellent retention rates and the loyalty and flexibility of our colleagues.

How does family friendly working and flexibility benefit employers?

There needs to be a realisation that employment is a two-way contract, how can you expect your employees to be flexible and supportive if you don’t demonstrate the same back to them.

Also, there needs to be a recognition that employment affects the whole family, so if you want to retain and develop people in your company, you should take everyone along for the ride. That means, when you need extra support from your colleague you can ask for it. And when they need extra support from their employer, you can give it.

What does good work-life balance look like?

To me, good work-life balance is taking pride in what you do and doing everything to the best of your ability; while having the maturity to leave it at the door and not take it home. The key factor is the avoidance of stress. Stress is counterproductive in the workplace and extremely damaging in the home. It may be unusual for an employer and entrepreneur to say this but at the end of the day.. it’s only a job.

What three words best describe you?

Pragmatic, Confident, and Happy.