Tania Hemming.

Marketing and Business Development Director, Morton Fraser

Tania Hemming

Tania’s career focus is on brand, reputation, revenue generation and engagement. It connects people, products and placement together – each intrinsically linked to create success for the business.

She has worked in many markets – Professional Services, PR and global IT providers. Some facing substantial restructure, to others adapting to new legislation or changing in strategy. Tania also undertakes Executive Coaching, helping individuals develop and fulfil their full potential.

Tania is a non executive director of Age Scotland Enterprises, a voluntary mentor and coach with the PM forum, a sponsor of School Lunches for Kamuli and a child sponsor for the Sunshine Project Luxor.

Tania calls herself a change agent; she loves what she does and she looks to create a sense of purpose and fun. She has a wonderful family, with her hands full 'herding' 3 boys and a great network of friends. It's really important to find the balance and time. Oh and she loves to box!

How did you become interested in the area of family friendly working?

I have been interested in flexible working practices and creating a work life balance for a long time. And I have been lucky to work for organisations, my current one especially, that sees the benefits that flexible/family friendly working brings. However, I have many friends and colleagues who are excellent at what they do who have not be so lucky and experienced discrimination when seeking a job that offers part time working/flexibility. I then also experienced myself that same discrimination, a few years ago - it wasn't my contribution or skills that were being measured but the time I sat behind a desk. So rather than just talk about my immense dissatisfaction with this issue I decided to do something about it and championing FFWS is key to this.

How does family friendly working and flexibility benefit employers?

It aids attraction & retention – a happy workforce delivers results.

But above all it allows businesses to access a bigger talent pool – why wouldn't you if you want the best?

What does good work-life balance look like?

Where you have a job that you love, that you have time for the important things in life without feeling either are compromised.

And finally … What three words best describe you?

Fun, focused and family/friends oriented.