Case study: Veronica Templeton.

Veronica Templeton

Veronica, 32, a landscape architect who lives in Glasgow, works three days a week with firm Benton Scott-Simmons, so she can still spend time with her toddler son, Mika. Her husband, Andrew, works fulltime.

Veronica said: "Before Mika was born, we lived and worked in Singapore. But it became apparent when I was pregnant that finding the kind of flexible work I knew I'd want as a mother would be very challenging in that particular work environment.

"So we moved back to Scotland a month before our son was born and I planned to look for a new job after my maternity break.

"My current employer, who I used to work with in another practice years earlier, heard I was back and got in contact to discuss employment opportunities. She had recently started her own practice and was looking to expand. I suggested working part-time and learned that both directors had worked part-time when their children were young, so they were open and sympathetic to flexible working hours.

"It also worked out well for my employer because they could take on a new staff member and bid for more work without committing to a fulltime employee’s salary.

"Flexible part-time working lets me spend valuable time with my son while he is young. This positivity filters in to my work and home life too, which benefits my employer and family.

"Going through the recruitment process also made me realise I shouldn't be scared to talk to prospective employers if a particular situation wasn't going to work because I'd been surprised with the possibilities they'd actually been open to."