Case study: Stephen McCullough.

Stephen McCullough

Stephen McCullough is based in Edinburgh, as a Senior Care Manager at Hanover Housing Association. He works full-time with flexible working arrangements. Stephen and his partner Lorraine, who is also supported by her employer with compressed hours, have two children, Cait 12, and Innis, 5.

Four years ago, Stephen began his flexible working arrangements which include a combination of home working, compressed hours and flexibility on his start and finishing time. Stephen and Lorraine take turns to do the school pick-ups for both their children. Lorraine who works for 'Who Cares' Scotland also has a compressed hours working arrangement, which allows her to complete her working week hours in 4 days and have the 5th day off.

Hanover’s flexible working scheme provide employees with a variety of flexible working opportunities such as Home Working, Part Time, Compressed Hours and Flexi Time schemes.

Under the Flexi Time Scheme, Stephen can choose to start work at 1000 and finish at 1800 one day and the next, start at 0700 and finish at 1600. The Flexi-Time Scheme allows Hanover employees to choose their starting and finishing times out with the Core Hours to suit both personal circumstances and b business needs within the pre-determined parameters. Core Hours consist of a period during which all employees must work unless on authorised leave. Core Hours are Monday to Friday, 1000 to 1200 hours and 1400 to 1600 hours. The Scheme applies to all staff based at Head Office and at each Area Office except where an exclusion applies. In September 2016, to give greater flexibility to employees, Hanover has extended the time width of Flexi-Time Scheme from 07:00 – 19:00 hours to 0600 - 2000 hours. Yet another step towards work-life balance.

Stephen said: "My flexible working arrangements with Hanover have given me the opportunity to have multiple ways of working that suits my needs. I feel motivated at work. It allows me to have quality time with my family. I feel that occasional working away from the office has improved my productivity due to fewer interruptions, and it allows me to manage time effectively and get rest time. My work life balance has given me a greater commitment and loyalty to Hanover as I value being able to control both my working arrangements and my family time."

"I plan my work diary to ensure that I get to spend quality time with my family and at the same time cope well with large demands of work. My working arrangements allow me to create time to pursue my personal hobbies and fitness activities such as cycling and triathlons."