Case study: Pursuit Marketing.

A positive work-life balance is core to Pursuit Marketing’s mission and values. The business has grown quickly since 2011 and staff retention is critical to success.

Flexible working is incorporated in all appropriate business documentation, and specific recruitment campaigns are tailored to working parents and guardians. Pursuit’s founders publicly promote the benefits of family friendly working. In September 2016, Pursuit made the bold decision to offer all employees a four-day working week on the same salary, with an option to work a fifth day to ‘topup’ bonus income if wished. Productivity and bonuses grew and absenteeism dropped.

Employees regularly agree professional and personal targets e.g. output and training achievements, spending more time with family or booking a holiday.

There is also a strong social and team spirit within Pursuit. All employees attend a weekly gym class together and Yammer - a digital platform – gives employees the opportunity to share ideas, information and offer support.

Pursuit looks to the future and is currently researching the introduction of subsidised childcare, and a new financial wellbeing programme for employees’ families.

Illuminating Ideas

  • A four-day week for all employees (unchanged salary) has delivered: 500 per cent increase in new job applications; 32 per cent increase in productivity (against 20 per cent reduction in working hours); negligible absence and 98 per cent staff retention.
  • Weekly all-employee gym trip.
  • Gold Certified Investors in People.
  • Innovative social marketing recruitment campaigns e.g. #jointhewolfpack.

The Judges’ spotlight

“Pursuit has been incredibly brave and has demonstrated success with productivity targets going up. Their entry was strategic and well-evidenced and their hard and soft targets were both covered. Their innovative approach made them a stand-out winner in this category.”

‘Our four-day working week means not only can I get the balance of being a hands-on mummy and successful in my job, but now I have some extra time to myself.’

- Debbie, Senior Consultant