Case study: Helen Miller.

Helen Miller

Helen Miller, 38, from Glasgow, has had a variety of working arrangements with the Equality and Human Rights Commission Scotland since the birth of her two sons, Ruairi, now nine, and Patrick, now six.

Currently she works 30 hours a week in her role as a policy manager. This means she can start work around 9.30am after she's dropped the boys at school and has Wednesdays off if her diary allows it.

Her children both attend after-school clubs until 5pm each day and her husband, Stewart, starts work early so she can finish at 4pm to pick the boys up.

She said: "I really love my job and I would loathed to have given it up after having a family, so being able to work flexibly means I've been able to continue developing my career.

"My working pattern is perfect for me, I really appreciate it. And it helps that I've found a good balance in managing childcare with my husband."