Case study: Francis Cummings.

Francis Cummings

Francis Cummings, 56, is Director of Music at Sistema Scotland. He works full-time but for 30 weeks of the year, he works one day a week for another organisation. Francis and his wife Lindsey, 53, have 3 children; daughter Rachel, 20, and two sons, Daniel, 16 and Ben, 11.

Francis initially negotiated a half-day a week working from home to care for his son and more recently proposed a reduction in his time to pursue other professional interests.

He said: "caring for our disabled son was a big issue when he was younger. His care needs are changing and I may need to review my working practices when he moves on from full-time education in 2 years’ time. I work for another organisation one day a week as I wanted to remain skilled in an area which my present position couldn't offer."

"I really appreciate my flexible working arrangements. I realise that in managing two roles there are times when I am working more hours than I'm paid for however this flexibility in my working patterns has enabled me to maintain my professional interests, contribute to the care of a vulnerable family member and successfully carry out my duties in the organisation I work for."