Case study: Alexandra Mooney.

Alexandra Mooney

Alexandra Mooney, 42, works in Hamilton, as an Account Manager for Provista UK LTD. She works from home on Monday & Tuesday, 9am until 5pm, is in the office and has client meetings on Wednesday & Thursday, 9am until 5pm and is based in the office on Friday, 8am until 4pm. Alexandra and husband Gerry, have three children, Carmen, 15, Alexander, 10 and Findlay, 3 and divide the childcare pick up/drop offs.

Alexandra approached her Director a little while after her 6 month probationary period as per the Handbook guidelines and made her request, her Director agreed straight away. She was delighted as this enabled her to actively make changes to the family weekly activities that she had relied on her husband for past months. The children are happier too as they can get straight home and start homework even earlier in the day.

She said: "It benefits the family me being in the house for when they come home from school on certain days, this saves afterschool costs and additional stress time for pick ups, it generally makes everyone in the family happier as this splits this responsibility with my husband. It saves on average approx. 2 hours travel time on these days, sometimes more based on traffic. I am actually more productive and can work perhaps a little earlier on these days, or later as the flexibility is there. Everyone is back in the house earlier.

"I am very happy as in my type of role there is a level of flexibility anyway, due to visiting clients during the day account management activities, and therefore when necessary I don’t mind working in evenings and in general feel more productive and happier as a little less pressure in timescales being on the road to be at pick ups at certain times."