The team.

Nikki Slowey

Nikki Slowey

Co-Director (Job Share)

  • Mum to three boys
  • Communication and campaigns expert
  • Creative innovator

“I think the conversation is moving on – it is not so much work and life anymore but simply life. And work is part of it.

“A thriving economy and strong business resilience requires people who are adequately skilled, motivated and engaged. This can only be achieved when business embraces the multifaceted and interwoven aspects of people’s lives – our families, passions and interests.

“I would like to see a complete shake up the old-fashioned 9-5. I am all for innovation in how work is designed.”


Lisa Gallagher

Lisa Gallagher

Co-Director (Job share)

  • Driven by social justice issues
  • Motivated by entrepreneurial thought & action
  • Love my wonderful family & friends

“More and more, I hear friends and family talking about how they balance their job with family responsibilities. What I would like to see is for everyone to be able to fulfil their potential and to be in a position to choose both a career and family life (whatever that looks like) that works for them and also for business.

“We need to start challenging the old-fashioned infrastructure to accommodate ‘modern’ families; families where both men and women are working, and where women achieve and retain senior career positions while raising a family.

“This is in my view, is the best way to offer families and society in Scotland a productive, ambitious workforce, and happy, more contented children and families.

“I am so excited about what I call this ‘transitional generation’ and to help support a working culture change in Scotland which offers up creative solutions for people and business making it a win-win for both.”

Geraldine Higgins

Development Manager

  • Equality and diversity campaigner
  • Love a good work-life hack
  • Busy mum

“The conversation about work life balance is not new, increasingly people at every stage of their career are seeking a more blended approach in order to effectively manage both. This requires innovative and creative thinking from employers, and a desire to do what's right for the individual as well as the business. We hear employers talk about that ‘light bulb moment’ when they recognise that allowing people to work flexibly results in immeasurable discretionary effort, loyalty, commitment and improved productivity ”

“Establishing a great flexible working culture is better for business, families and our economy. The most progressive employers we work with also recognise that this is big part of the solution when striving to achieve gender equality. It's hugely encouraging to see this change begin to take shape in Scotland and we are proud to work with employers who want to lead that change. ”

Caitlin Auld

Events and Marketing Officer

  • Passionate about supporting flexibility in the workplace
  • A millennial mum enjoying and navigating the world of young kids and work
  • Running a side project supporting families spend affordable time together

I am delighted to work alongside a team of like minded individuals at what is such a pivotal time for this cause. Our country’s progressive work-places have made the realisation that flexibility creates a culture of trust with increased output. We are on the precipice of a huge change as more adopt and embrace this way of thinking. It’s exciting to engage with positive thinkers while FFWS help harness this economical shift.

Susan Perry

HR Associate

  • Creative coach and facilitator
  • Passionate about holistic wellbeing and self development
  • Driven by making a difference

“Sometimes it’s just about seeing things differently. Don’t have kids but want time out for you? Flexible working can give you time to pursue other interests. Worried about caring for aging parents? You probably need some flexibility in your role."

"One of the best feelings is seeing people realize they have the power to make a difference; to their teams, to their business and for themselves. Helping organisations to build a supportive culture to start conversations about flexible working is the first piece of the jigsaw. With the right support, great conversations can happen and before you know it, decisions that enhance team working, productivity and engagement become the norm, whatever age and stage you’re at. I am inspired by individuals who challenge the status quo and inspire others to do the same. Are you ready for the change?"

Trace Peckett

Associate Coach

  • Mum to Jack
  • Lover of family adventures
  • Ever curious and passionate about making a difference

"Throughout my career I have seen attitudes to flexible working change a great deal. However, despite the progress made, I often speak to clients who feel working flexibly in their organisation can be seen as a career limiting move."

"In an economy where talent acquisition is crucial for business’ success, I believe flexibility should be considered throughout the end to end employment lifecycle, from recruitment through to semi/full retirement. By doing so, and measuring performance on output rather than presence, I believe we will have the ingredients for great employee engagement and performance."

Pursuit Marketing

Digital Marketing Partner

Since 2016, Family Friendly Working Scotland also collaborates with digital partner Pursuit Marketing. Pursuit have been on the front line of flexible and family friendly working, and currently offer all employees a four-day working week. They were SME winner of our 2017 Awards. You can see their story in our case study. Lorraine Gray, Pursuit's director, is also one of our Champions.